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3.13 Disciplinary Sanctions Other than Termination for Adequate Cause

Disciplinary sanctions other than termination may be imposed against a faculty member. If the proposed sanction is suspension without pay for a definite term (no more than one year), the procedures applicable to termination shall be offered prior to suspension, provided, however, that the procedures shall be modified as follows:

  1. suspension without pay for a definite term (no more than one year) may be imposed as a sanction by the chancellor without review by the president and the Board of Trustees, and
  2. the chancellor may determine that the expedited procedure for suspension without pay is applicable to the conduct (see Appendix C concerning the expedited procedure)

If the proposed sanction does not involve suspension without pay, the department head shall make a recommendation to the dean, and the dean shall make a recommendation to the chief academic officer. The chief academic officer shall give the faculty member written notice of the proposed sanction and the supporting reason(s) and shall offer him or her an opportunity to respond both in writing and in person. The faculty member may appeal the proposed sanction through established appeal procedures, and the sanction shall be held in abeyance until conclusion of the appeal.

Before such disciplinary action may be taken, the department head or dean must notify the faculty member of his or her intent to take disciplinary action. This written notice shall include a detailed specification of the alleged misconduct and the nature of the proposed discipline. It shall also inform the faculty member of his or her right to appeal the proposed discipline or to request a review by the Faculty Senate Appeals Committee in accordance with the provisions of this chapter or to the president through the chancellor.