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3.14 Notice of Resignation and Retirement

3.14.1 Notice of Resignation

Tenure (see above) is relinquished upon resignation from the university. If a faculty member resigns, but is re‑employed by the university, tenure will be awarded only subsequent to the procedures outlined above.

Since faculty appointments are made for the academic year (or, in exceptional cases, for one or more designated semesters), it is expected that faculty members who wish to resign will do so effective at the end of the academic year (or, again in exceptional cases, at the end of a semester). In all cases notification of resignation must be made early enough to allow the university to cover any scheduled assignments.

Teaching faculty on academic-year appointments who resign before the end of the academic year are paid for the number of semesters they have taught, at one half of annual salary per semester. Faculty members on 12‑month appointments will receive leave pay due on resignation.

3.14.2 Notice of Retirement

Under normal circumstances, a member of the faculty controls the decision to retire. The effective date of retirement for academic‑year faculty is normally at the end of either the fall or spring semesters. Computation of the final payment for the last year of service is calculated in the same way as for resignations (above). Thus, a faculty member who resigns at the end of the fall semester will have been paid five of the six monthly payments earned and will be due one additional payment. Faculty on 12‑month appointments will receive annual leave pay due on retirement.