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3.10 Promotion

The criteria for promotion to a rank are the same as those given above for initial appointment to that rank. Annual performance reviews form the basis of a cumulative record that prepares a faculty member for promotion. Generally, assistant professors will be considered for promotion to the rank of associate professor at the same time as they are considered for tenure. Associate professors serve at least five years in rank before promotion to full professor. Exceptions to this policy require approval by the chief academic officer.

An associate professor should consult with his or her department head before initiating promotion procedures. The final decision on proceeding rests with the faculty member. However, if the faculty member is denied promotion after completion of the process described in the next paragraph, then he or she must forgo at least one full promotion cycle before again initiating promotion procedures.

The process begins with submission of materials by the candidate and departmental solicitation of external letters assessing the record of scholarship and/or creative activity. Departmental faculty at or above the rank to which promotion is sought review these materials and vote on promotion. The department head reviews the material and faculty vote and then makes an independent recommendation to the dean. The college committee reviews the file and makes an independent recommendation to the dean, who reviews the file and makes a recommendation to the chief academic officer. The chief academic officer reviews the file and makes a recommendation to the chancellor, who makes the final decision regarding promotion.

3.10.1 Right of Candidate to Review File

The candidate has a right to review his or her file at any stage of the process. The candidate is to be informed of any additions made to his or her file after submitting it and be given an opportunity to review and respond to the addition at any stage of the process.