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6.4 Additional Benefits and Leave for Nine-Month Faculty Members

6.4.1 Sick Leave

Nine-month faculty members do not earn and accrue sick leave. However, the university grants leave with or without pay to full-time faculty members on regular academic year appointments as required by illness, injury, or medical treatment. The amount of such leave varies with the circumstances of the individual case. Factors considered in making the determination are (a) length of service, (b) necessity of replacement, (c) quality of past service, and (d) potential future with the university.

6.4.2 Family Care

In addition to family medical leave, certain 9-month faculty members may be eligible for certain additional benefits such as modifying service requirements and extending the tenure-track probationary status.

6.4.3 Annual Leave

Faculty members employed on regular full-time academic year appointments do not accrue annual leave. However, nine-month faculty members are not required to be on campus during any semester for which they have no university assignments. Such periods begin when all reports have been made following the preceding semester’s commencement, and extend to a reasonable period prior to the beginning of the semester following the semester without assigned duties. A reasonable period must include sufficient time to participate in scheduled faculty meetings, perform committee work, advise, and other activity necessary for the satisfactory resumption of the work of the department in that semester.

6.4.4 Semester Banking

Semester banking is available to faculty members who hold regular full-time academic year appointments. Permission may be granted to substitute summer terms of teaching, or to bank such terms, toward extended periods of release from regular duties during other terms. Acceptable practice also allows faculty members to teach (without additional compensation) larger than normal teaching loads during semesters of the academic year in order to bank these for released time in subsequent semesters. The need of many faculty members upon occasion to devote large uninterrupted amounts of time to a single research or creative project without teaching or committee work and to spend time periodically in personal renewal and development is fundamental to every good university. This arrangement is subject to the following conditions:

  1. courses must be banked before leave is taken
  2. the needs of the department or program will be a major consideration in evaluation of requests to bank courses
  3. the financial and educational resources of the department or unit must not be jeopardized by banking arrangements
  4. credit for banked courses will not result in additional pay at termination of employment