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6.1 Introduction

The University of Tennessee provides a comprehensive program of benefits for faculty members and full-time non-tenure-track faculty members as set forth in the Personnel Policies and Procedures and this handbook. The university administration works closely with state government officials and the Benefits and Professional Development Committee of the Faculty Senate to assess the needs of the faculty members and to provide programs that respond to those needs.

UT’s policies governing benefits and leaves of absence are established in the personnel policies and may be amended from time to time. The following sections are intended as a general summary of the most important benefits and leaves of absence and are provided for information purposes and are not a promise that any particular benefit or leave request will be granted. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the personnel policies and this Handbook, the personnel policies will control.

Leaves of absence, extended periods of time spent away from campus for professional growth or personal reasons, are an important aspect of faculty development. Leaves of absence must be requested in writing by the faculty member and specifically approved by the department head, dean or director, and the chief academic officer, and where appropriate, the state of Tennessee. Leaves of absence are normally granted for not more than 24 months and are normally without university compensation.

Certain benefits and leaves of absence are available to both nine-month and 12-month faculty members. Other benefits and leaves are applicable only to nine-month faculty members. Twelve-month faculty members have certain leave benefits, which are not applicable to nine-month faculty members.