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6.5 Leave for 12-Month Faculty Members

6.5.1 Vacations and Annual Leave

The university recognizes the importance of rest and recreation and encourages faculty vacations. Faculty members must arrange the length and timing of vacation periods with the department head or dean and must provide information on how they may be contacted during periods of absence. Refer to the Annual Leave Policy in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. Faculty members employed on regular full-time twelve-month appointments earn annual leave at the rate of two (2) working days per month [twenty-four (24) working days of annual leave per year]. A maximum of forty-two (42) days of accumulated annual leave may be carried forward from one calendar year to the next. At the end of a calendar year, annual leave days in excess of forty-two (42) will be credited to sick leave. Faculty members on regular part-time 12-month appointments receive a prorated amount of annual leave based on the percentage of full-time employment.

6.5.2 Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned at the rate of one (1) working day per month by regular full-time 12-month faculty members. Regular part time faculty members on 12-month appointments earn sick leave on a pro rata basis. Sick leave is described in Policy 380 in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.