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6.3 Leave for All Faculty Members

6.3.1 Faculty Development Leave

Full-time tenured faculty members with a minimum of six years full-time campus service since any previously granted professional leave (or six years at the time of an initial professional leave) are eligible to apply for faculty development leave, which is awarded on the merits of a specific proposal for professional development. The award is an investment by the university in the expectation that the leave will enhance the faculty member’s ability to contribute to the objectives of the university and to student development. The improvements sought during a professional leave should benefit the work of the faculty member, department, college, and university. Only professional leave proposals that meet this criterion will be accepted and approved by the university.

The purposes for which professional leave may be granted include

  1. research on significant problems and issues
  1. important creative or descriptive work in any means of expression
  2. post-doctoral study at another institution
  3. other approved projects, including innovations in teaching and learning

Eligible full-time faculty members may be granted professional leave for either (a) one-half the faculty member’s annual appointment period at full-base salary, or (b) the full annual appointment period at one-half-base salary. Complete information regarding this policy is found here

6.3.2 Family and Medical Leave

The university provides for family and medical leave, as appropriate, for childbirth, adoption, foster care placement of a child, serious illness of a spouse, child or parent, or the employee’s own serious illness. The leave may extend up to a maximum of twelve (12) work weeks of paid or unpaid leave during the twelve (12) month period beginning on the date the family and medical leave first begins. During this period, 12-month faculty members may use any or all accrued annual leave, or accrued sick leave if applicable, instead of taking leave without pay. This leave will be granted if it qualifies as family and medical leave on request by the employee or on determination by the university. Family and medical leave forms are available from the campus/unit human resource or personnel office.

Nine-month faculty members should also review the Family Care Policy in section 6.4.2.

6.3.3 Court Leave

Court leave is granted to employees to appear as a witness in state, federal, or local court or to serve on jury duty upon presentation of an official summons, subpoena, or notice to that effect. Refer to Policy 315 in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

6.3.4 Military Leave for Short Tours of Active Duty

Regular employees of the university who receive orders to report for training or active duty in the service of the state of Tennessee or of the United States shall be entitled to military leave with pay for up to fifteen working days per calendar year. It is expected that faculty members employed on an academic year basis will perform their military training during periods when classes are not in session. Refer to Policy 370 in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

6.3.5 Military Leave for Extended Tours of Active Duty

Regular employees of the university in the National Guard or reserves who receive orders to report for extended active duty in the United States armed forces will be granted leave of absence without pay (for military reason) after the employee has received military leave with pay for 15 working days in any one calendar year.

6.3.6 Educational Leave

Educational leave for regular university employees must be requested in writing and in advance by the chief administrator and the chief personnel officer of the employee’s budgetary unit. Such approval must specify the length of the leave, which normally should not exceed two (2) years. Each request for leave will be evaluated on its own merits, and university approval will depend upon the evidence provided as to the enhancement of the employee’s value to the university resulting from the leave. Any approved leave extending beyond the current fiscal year is subject to budgetary constraints and/or funding availability. Refer to Policy 335 in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

6.3.7 Personal Leave

The university grants leave with or without pay to full-time faculty members on regular appointments for a variety of reasons. A regular employee may request leave without pay for personal reasons by making a request in writing to his or her supervisor and department head. Personal leave is approved or disapproved on an individual basis and predicated on departmental needs and requirements. [Personnel Policy 355]

6.3.8 Funeral Leave

Funeral leave is described in Policy 340 in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

6.3.9 Fringe Benefits for Faculty Members on Leave

Eligible employees on approved leave of absence without pay (except FMLA) are eligible to maintain membership for up to 12 months in the basic group/HMO/POS plan to which they belong at the time the leave begins but will be responsible for both employee and employer portions of the premium. Generally, the period of approved leave of absence without pay does not qualify as creditable service for retirement, and contributions are not made by the university during the leave period. Refer to Policy 335, 338, and 355 in the UTK Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

6.3.10 Outside Compensation for Faculty members on Leave

Policies regarding outside compensation through consulting are covered in Chapter 7 of this handbook and are applicable to faculty members on full-pay while pursuing a professional development leave.

6.3.11 Holidays

The university recognizes holidays as listed on the following human resources link: