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6.7 Records of Leave

Official leave records are maintained through IRIS, the university financial and human resources information system, for all regular full-time and part-time personnel other than faculty members employed on academic-year appointments. Deans, directors, and department heads are charged with ensuring that these records are accurate on a current basis.

Any full-time employee of any agency, office, or department of the state who is employed by another state agency (including the University of Tennessee) without a break in service shall have his or her annual and sick leave transferred. Moreover, when such a former employee who has one (1) full year of state employment in good standing returns to full-time service with one of these employers, he or she shall be credited with all sick leave to which he or she was entitled at the time of termination. The most recent employing authority shall be responsible for certifying eligibility for this sick leave credit to the re-employing agency, college, or university. Employees who come to the university from state agencies, colleges, or universities should be strongly encouraged to take their accumulated annual leave prior to being placed on the rolls of the university, unless there is an immediate and urgent need for their services.

Furthermore, any full-time teacher employed by a local school board in Tennessee, who leaves the employment of that board and becomes an employee of UT, shall have his or her sick leave transferred upon request. The former employee of a local school board must have begun university employment after July 1, 1965, to be eligible for this transfer of sick leave.