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1.10 Faculty Role in Budget Making

Faculty judgments about the academic program have significant bearing on the shape of the budget, and budgetary decisions affect the shape of the academic programs. The faculty are asked to participate in establishing major institutional priorities in several ways. The Faculty Senate, through its Undergraduate Council and Graduate Council, gives approval for establishing new programs and for terminating existing ones. Administrative judgments about the costs of these programs inform this deliberation and in turn are affected by the judgments of the faculty as to the pedagogical and intellectual soundness of such proposals. Deans, department heads, and the chief academic officer consult with appropriate faculty groups at their respective levels concerning the general fiscal implications of decisions about the curriculum, enrollment, class-size, and admission policies. The Faculty Senate Budget and Planning Committee participates in the presentation of budgetary needs presented to the chief academic officer on an annual basis. The chair of the Faculty Senate Budget and Planning Committee serves on the Executive Budget Committee.