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5.6 Termination of Tenure-Track and Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members Before the Stipulated Term of Employment

Termination of tenure-track faculty members before the stipulated term of appointment is under the same procedure as used for revocation of tenure and termination for tenured faculty member.

A non-tenure-track faculty member may be terminated for adequate cause (as defined in Sections 3.12.1 and 3.12.2 of this handbook) prior to the expiration of the appointment term. In the event that a department head recommends to the dean and chief academic officer that a non-tenure-track faculty member be terminated for cause, the department head and dean shall meet with the faculty member to present the reasons for the recommended termination and to permit the faculty member to respond. If, after this meeting, the dean concludes that adequate cause for the termination exists, he or she shall recommend termination to the chief academic officer. If the chief academic officer agrees with the termination decision, he or she shall inform the faculty member in writing. A non-tenure-track faculty member whose appointment has been terminated for adequate cause shall be notified of his or her right to a post-termination hearing under the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act as described in Sections and of this handbook.

In the event of Extraordinary Circumstances (as defined in Board Policies Governing Academic Freedom, Responsibility, and Tenure § H.1.b. and in this handbook at §3.11.8(2)), a non-tenure-track appointment may be terminated under the same circumstances, and following the same procedures, that are applicable to tenure-track faculty.

The University may, at any time, with or without notice, terminate the appointment of a non-tenure-track faculty member without cause upon payment of the remaining salary due during the appointment.